Membership Application

Our members fall into two categories:

  1. The construction trades
  2. Professional service firms
  3. Access to construction opportunities 

Annual Membership Fee: $350.00

Our member benefits include:

Advocacy with public and private developers to build the capacity and financial growth of members through increased access to contract opportunities. 

Member Meetings to connect MMCA members with developers and prime contractors who can provide contract opportunities on construction projects and provide networking opportunities with MMCA developers/contractor members who are seeking particular trades for projects that they are developing and/or serving as the General Contractor.

Access to Training Opportunities that will broaden the level of business skills and support growth and expansion.

Partnerships with public entities and private developers to create higher levels of minority participation on projects, access training opportunities, and broaden support for MMCA among the business community. 

Collaborations with other organizations who have similar goals and aspirations.